The Project

The project aims to improve the missing or low level of environmental awareness of children and youth to mitigate the future challenges and impacts of the changing natural environment. Too many current negative phenomena on natural environment and climate have deep roots in low awareness, bad attitude and careless consumption of natural resources. The needed changes do not start with political declarations and signatures but with the changes practices of common people, inhabitants of the world. The project wants to contribute to this change through innovative environmental education and training based on natural environment appreciation.

The forest environment with innovative (competition and challenge – problem, solving methods) will have a deep impact on attitude and awareness of kids. The project partners want to develop outdoor /schoolyard based educational, training and information facility in Miskolc suburban area serving both school children and summer camp visitors and tourists. The facility should operate during the school year as an outdoor classroom that focuses on innovative environmental education. The center will be connected to the nearby natural areas with „learning trails“ and use the jointly developed new programmes and tools.

In Slovak side from the decayed suburban forest cottage of the Kosice municipal forest company, we will establish an international enviro-education center for year-around activities of youth and children of Europe. The center should provide services for the organization of school-based education and training courses, leisure time activities and summer camps. Part of the innovative approach is the participation of foresters and NGO activists (as invited trainers) in the learning lessons of school children. ML Košice as a long term FSC certificate holder considers activities of environmental education and forest pedagogy an important part of public relations work. City of Kosice through schools) supports the project as well.